Cuban authorities remove illegal occupiers from Havana church: official

16 marzo, 2012 en 8:00 am | Publicado en Uncategorized | Deja un comentario

The Archbishopric of Havana has informed that the illegal occupation by a group of people from a church in the capital ended Thursday evening after the occupiers were escorted from the building by police.

According to a news release by Havana’s Archbishopric, after more than 48 hours of uninterrupted and unauthorized occupation of the Our Lady of Charity Catholic church in Havana, the thirteen occupants were removed from the sacred building late Thursday by police.

The group of self-described “dissidents” had entered the Catholic church Tuesday and refused to leave until their demands were presented to Pope Benedict XVI, who is visiting Cuba at the end of the month.

After days of failed negotiation, said the statement, the church asked Cuban authorities to remove the group from the Our Lady of Charity Catholic church.

The removal operation began at 9:00 pm and lasted less than ten minutes. “The 13 occupiers were invited to leave the church and did not put up any resistance,” the church said. The authorities who removed the group told church officials they were not armed and that after taking the occupiers to a police station would return them to their homes. They also assured that the occupiers will not be charged for their actions.

In a previous statement, Havana’s Archbishopric had condemned the act, saying the occupation of the church for political purposes was disrespectful to the pope, as well as to ordinary Catholics hoping to visit the church to pray.

Source: RHC


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